Because of Love EP

If you’ve visited my “About” page, then you know I enjoy dabbling in composing. Excited to announce I just released my first ever EP!

About this album: Patrick Doyle meets Two Steps from Hell. An instrumental soundtrack with the piano as the main component, this album was composed to inspire great things as you go about your day.

Album Notes:
When I first heard the song “Winterspell” composed by Two Steps from Hell, it was then I knew I wanted to create masterful and inspiring music just like these geniuses. As a musician my entire life, I’ve always been intrigued by cinema scores and soundtracks. Piano has always been my first love so incorporating this instrument as the centerpiece with other orchestral arrangements around the piano is my preferred “performance” style. Music with feeling, a strong melody as well as coinciding stronger points throughout the piece keeps my music interesting and not too repetitive. I want to tell a story with my compositions, and each listener will hear a different story. I want the listener to feel stronger and/or more loving after he/she has listened to one of my recordings. Music is powerful and can be used for good in this world. My celebrity motivators include: Two Steps from Hell (as mentioned above), Patrick Doyle, Alan Menken, Michael Giacchino, and James Horner just to name a few.